Icing Christening Cradle/Crib
PastryWiz Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Instructions

Get ready- let's start - decorating the crib
modeling the baby - baby's blanket - piping
finishing touch
- final baby crib

Give the cradle your finishing touch

place some tulle or favour net over the wire and trim using scissors...

remove the tulle or net and quickly pipe squiggles on top of the surface.....

pipe a little icing onto the top of the wire and gently lay over the tulle or net.......

Add three small ribbon bows to the top and on either side of the crib.....and finally water down the food color nearest to the baby's locks and paint a wisp of hair.......

arrrrrh! cootchy cootchy coo!

Next: See a bigger picture, make another cake or go shopping for cake decorating supplies!

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