Icing Christening Cradle/Crib
PastryWiz Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Instructions

Get ready- let's start - decorating the crib
modeling the baby - baby's blanket - piping
finishing touch
- final baby crib

Let's decorate the baby's crib

Using a rolling pin roll out the light blue/pink sugarpaste until thin enough to cut using the frill cutter......

make sure you have dusted the work surface with icing sugar to prevent the paste from sticking....

gently remove the paste from the cutter.....

With a frilling stick or cocktail stick create the frill effect....roll the stick forwards and then back.....

don't worry if the frill isn't as symmetrical as Joanne's....if it looks like it's frilly then this is good enough....

dampen the back of the frill with a little water.....

Starting below the join of the narrow sausage and close to the iced board, wrap the frill around the oval......

trim off any excess.....

Repeat the same decoration using white sugarpaste.


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