Icing Christening Cradle/Crib
PastryWiz Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Instructions

Get ready- let's start - decorating the crib
modeling the baby - baby's blanket - piping
finishing touch
- final baby crib

Let's do some piping

tidy the edge of the 'cloth' further using royal icing, piped from an icing bag with a number 1 icing tube in it, pipe a tiny scollop all the way around...

Tidy the top of the frills using the 3mm light blue/pink ribbon....fix it to the top of the frills with a piped line of royal icing starting at the back of the crib........

Make a small ribbon bow and stick it onto the front of the crib using a small dot of icing.......

bend a suitable length of white paper covered stiff wire.....if you have only green covered wire then wrap it in white florist tape.....

push the bent wire in place behind the pillow....

Just like this..... isn't it cute?


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