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PastryWiz goes Italian
Italy - with its famous gondolieres and Rome's majestic Roman ruins offers one of the world's most refined cuisines. Appealing to distinguishing food lovers, Italy is especially known for pasta, tiramisu, pizza, gelato, olive oil and it's wide variety of wines.

PastryWiz goes Bananas
The theme page that started it all. If you love bananas you must visit these pages.

PastryWiz visits Strawberry Land
The follow-up to the banana pages.
Choose from any of these great recipes:
Strawberry terrine, Strawberry Mousse, Strawberry Soup, Strawberry Peppermint Sorbet, Strawberry Preserve, Strawberry Wine with Herbs, Strawberries Romanoff, and Almond Dumplings in Strawberry Soup.

Chocolate - the food of gods
I love chocolate and once I start on a bar I can't stop until it's all gone. Learn all about Chocolate with History, Q&A and amazing Recipes.

Sugar Artistry
In this section, PastryWiz will show you, in a step-by-step manner, how to blow sugar to create a beautiful swan and how to make pulled sugar flowers.

Wedding cake decorating
On these pages you will find a mixture of wedding cake history, basic and advanced cake decorating recipes.

Seasonal pages

Valentines Cake Decorating & Recipes
The True History of Valentines Day, step-by-step cake decorating instructions and recipes in Love.

Easter Cake decorating ideas and images
Visit the chocolate bunny! With a special "Color me Bunny" for the kids and several Easter decorating ideas.

Mothers Day Cake
Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Instruction

4th of July Recipes, Candy & Cake Decorating
4th of July cakes & cupcake decorations and you are on your way to create your own flag dessert.

Halloween... ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!    

Thanksgiving Recipes & Cake Decorating
Whether you're a pro at cooking a Thanksgiving meal or doing it for the very first time, here's a quick guide to preparing a memorable feast.

Christmas Cake Decorating & Cookie recipes from Europe
eatures Santa Claus and Reindeer Rudolf, with traditional cookies, chocolate and gingerbread recipes from Germany and Switzerland. This theme page is available as an English Version as well as eine Deutsche Version.

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