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Italy - with its famous gondolieres and Rome's majestic Roman ruins offers one of the world's most refined cuisines.
Appealing to distinguishing food lovers, Italy is especially known for pasta, tiramisu, pizza, gelato, olive oil and it's wide variety of wines.
The fragrance of Italian cuisine reminds me of my childhood when the family gathered in my Nonna's kitchen.

Roving gourmands and armchair travelers will feast on Eating in Italy, which details the authentic foods, wines and traditions of the 11 regions that comprise the northern half of the country.

Marcella Cucina - 1998 James Beard Foundation Award Winner


Marcella cooks by your side with an inspirational collection of new recipes that brings to your table the flavors, the textures, the essence of Italy.

Filled with the passion and personality of Marcella, it is a book not only of fine food and its careful preparation but of personal reminiscences and penetrating commentary about the sensual pleasure of food and its place in our lives.

Tiramisu - The most heavenly dessert on God's earth
Craig Miyamoto presents:
Tiramisu a cool and refreshing Italian dessert
The Story: The Recipes:
Good Cooking Eating in Italy
Chef Michael, a European Certified Master Chef shares with you some of his favorite Italian recipes. A Traveler's Guide to the Hidden Gastronomic Pleasures of Northern Italy
An indispensable and user-friendly resource for first-time visitors, experienced Italophiles and anyone planning to eat or drink in an Italian restaurant.
La Pizzeria
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Chef Mani Nial shares with you the History of Pizza.

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