Information from Eating in Italy by Faith Willinger

albicocca apricot
amarena sour cherry
ananas pineapple
arancia orange
bacio chocolate with hazelnut pieces
banana banana
caffè coffee
castagna chestnut
ciliegia cherry
cioccolato chocolate
cocco coconut
cocomero or anguria watermelon
crema egg-yolk custard
datteri dates
diaspora or caco persimmon
fico fig
fragola strawberry
fragoline wild strawberries
frutti di bosco wild berries
gianduia milk-chocolate hazelnut cream
lampone raspberry
limone lemon
macedonia fruit salad
malaga raisin
mandarino tangerine
mela apple
melone cantaloupe
menta mint
mirtillo blueberry
more blackberry
nespola medlar, loquat
nocciola hazelnut
noce walnut
panna whipped cream
pera pear
pesca peach
pescanoce nectarine
pistacchio pistachio
pompelmo grapefruit
ribes black or red currant
riso rice pudding
stracciatella chocolate chip
stracciatella di menta or after eight mint chocolate chip
tarocchio blood orange
tartufo chocolate chip truffle (usually a lumpy-looking hunk of bittersweet-chocolate-studded dark chocolate gelato with a candied-cherry center)
tiramis— triflelike
torroncino nougat
uva grape
vaniglia vanilla
viscole or marasche black sour cherries
zuppa inglese trifle

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