Petits Fours

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Dipping the Petits Fours

Mise en Place for dipping the petit four:

  • 2 sheet pans
  • Wet towel
  • Dipping fork/s or regular forks
  • Spoon
  • Wire rack
  • Bowl of colored fondant glaze (European fondant, not rolled fondant)
Alternately, you could also use chocolate to dip your petit four, but the classical version does use fondant.

You can color the fondant with any color that you like. Pink, pale blue, white and yellow are most common.


Using the fork, pick up one of the petit four.

Using a spoon, poor the fondant over the petit four until fully covered.
Now slide the bottom of the petit four over the side of the bowl to remove any excess fondant.
Now slide the dipped petit four onto the wire rack.

The tops can only be decorated once the fondant forms a crust.  This allows the decor to sit on top of the glaze, not sinking into the glaze.

Decorate the petits fours using royal icing.  Chocolate for piping, butter cream, and any other cake decorators icing can also be used to decorate the tops.

This is where your creativity part comes in.

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