Petits Fours

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Filling the Petits Fours

Spread the filling evenly onto one of the Joconde half sheet cakes.

A coffee ganache is used in this assembly, but any other filling will do as well.

Cover the filling using the second Joconde half sheet cake, making sure that the cake is even.

Roll out marzipan to about 1/20 inch (1.5 mm).

Dust frequently using powdered sugar or cornstarch during rolling to prevent the marzipan from sticking onto the marble/table.  It's important to do this to avoid tearing the marzipan and ensure a clean finished surface.

Diluted glucose or apricot glaze is applied onto the surface of the prepared cake to make sure that the marzipan will stick to its surface.

Pick up the marzipan by rolling it around a well dusted dowel (rolling pin) to prevent tearing.

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