A Marzipan Elephant
Marzipan Modeling Instructions
Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Instructions
with Guest Chef A.J. Springall

You will need:

  • Sugarpaste (recipe - buy it) or Marzipan (recipe - buy it) or Play Dough (buy it)
  • A small knife
  • A small container of water
  • A small paint brush
  • A pair of clean hands :)

Roll out a long fat sausage of marzipan.

Using the small knife cut into the center of both ends of the sausage.

Now bend the sausage in the middle to make the elephant's body.

Make a ball of marzipan and roll one side into a taper for the marzipan elephant's trunk.

Stick the head to the body using a little water and gently lift the end of the trunk to give it a trumpet.

For the ears make two small balls of marzipan and give them a gentle squash to flatten them.
Stick one on each side of the head with a little water.

Finally the tail.....
Roll out a narrow sausage of marzipan and squash one end at the very tip. Using the small knife make some small cuts into the squashed tip to make a tassel.

Stick the non-tasseled end to the elephant's bottom.

Now you can trumpet your successful marzipan modeling.

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