Sugarpaste Recipe
also referred to as Rolled Fondant, Roll-out icing or Pastillage

Sugarpaste - An icing sugar and gum based paste.
Sugarpaste, rolled fondant and roll out icing are all the same. They are just different names used in different countries.
Sugarpaste, easy to mould, shape, color and roll out and you don't have to wait for the sugarpaste to dry before finishing the final decoration on the cake. Also you can add gum to it so that it will dry harder for modeling flowers or sculptures.

1 lb. icing sugar (powdered sugar, XXXX sugar)
3 tsp. gum tragacanth or gum arabic - warmed to 97 F (optional, see note above)

5 tsp. water
3 tsp. powdered gelatine
Sprinkle gelatine onto water, leave to 'sponge', gently dissolve over hot water

2 tsp. white fat
2 tsp. liquid glucose
melt with the above

1 egg white

Place warmed ingredients into warmed mixer bowl, add liquids and egg white. Using 4 beater, beat until white and stringy. Place into poly bags, then into an airtight container. Store in fridge for at least 12 hours.

For Chocolate rolled Fondant knead 24 oz. sugarpaste with 3 oz. melted chocolate (white or dark) until smooth.

How much sugarpaste?

Cake Size Pounds Kilogram
6" cake 1lb 500g
7" cake 1.5lbs 750g
8" cake 2lbs 1kg
9" cake 2.5lbs 1kg 250g
10" cake 3lbs 1kg 500g
11" cake 3.5lbs 1kg 750g
12" cake 4lbs 2kg

A guide for average depth cakes. Vary the amounts to suit your cake or taste.

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