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PastryWiz step-by-step cow cake decorating instructions:
you need - cow cake look
Cow Modelling: body - arms - head - ears - udders - final decoration
Finished Cow Cakes: wedding - graduation - cow cake

Cow Modelling

For the tuft on the top of the head make a small sausage of black sugarpaste and attach it with a little water.
Make it look textured like hair by using the back of the small knife.
Eyes can see you.

For the cow's eyes make very small balls of black sugarpaste and press them into place using your finger
alternatively paint them on using black food color and a small paint brush.
make two eye holes with the ball modelling tool and pipe the eyes using a pastry bag filled with some royal icing.

The cows horns

Roll two small white balls of paste into tear drops. Dampen with a little water and place on either side of the tuft on top of the head.

What's missing? Cows give milk......

yeah that's right! We're missing udders!

To make the cow's udders make a ball of peach sugarpaste and flatten it on one side so it looks like a bump. Stick into position using a little water and a press from your fingers.

For teats make tiny balls of peach paste and place them onto the bump using a little water.

It's a bit fiddly and you may find the teats roll all over the place. You could pipe them on using an icing bag and some peach colored royal icing instead.

We are almost done.
Final decoration!

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