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PastryWiz step-by-step cow cake decorating instructions:
you need - cow cake look
Cow Modelling: body - arms - head - ears - udders - final decoration
Finished Cow Cakes: wedding - graduation - cow cake

Making the Cows

Making the Cows...

Start by washing your hands making sure you have no black color left on them.

Roll a handful of sugarpaste into a sausage then chop it into two. These will be the cow's bodies.

Roll each into a ball and then into an egg shape.

Roll out a narrow sausage of white sugarpaste and cut into equal lengths for their legs.
Mark the cow's hoofs with the back of the small knife.
Roll out another piece of black sugarpaste thinly and cut out a cloud shape the same height as the cow's body.
Dampen with a little water and place on the back of the cows. Smooth off the edges with your finger.

Continue making the cows arms

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