How to make a Valentine Kissing Frog Cake
pictures provided by Imaginative Icing

Let's get ready!!

You can make this decoration by either using sugarpaste or marzipan.
Plus you will need the following equipment and ingredients:

Your favorite cake covered with marzipan or sugarpaste. How to cover a cake!

Modelling amusing characters from sugarpaste & marzipan
Marzipan - recipe
or Sugarpaste - recipe  
red food color
Rolling Pin
Cookie cutter heart shape
How to make the Hearts.
Marzipan - recipe
or Sugarpaste - recipe
green and red food color
modelling sticks #1 & #4
sugar syrup (optional)
How to make a Frog.
Valentine's Gift Ideas:
Flowers: 1-800-flowers - send flowers worldwide
Pets: Buy your pet a Valentine's Toy

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