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Easter Cake Decorating Ideas

Old Style

This decoration style is very time intensive as it is piped directly onto the cake. It needs a highly skilled cake decorator.

New Style

This decoration has been made using the mirror method. The bunny is created with chocolate and can be prepared several days prior to it's use. To create this decoration, print out the Sketch of the Bunny. You need to use the 2nd image as the decoration will need to be flipped over.

Cover the sketch with wax-paper and start by outlining all lines of the sketch bunny with a vanilla couverture (dark chocolate). Once hardened fill the different parts of the bunny with vanilla, milk, and white couverture. Once the chocolate has hardened you can peel the bunny of the wax-paper, flip it over and lay it onto the cake or store it for later usage.
This method can be used for almost all images and looks very elegant. Keep in mind that your decoration is upside down. A very good example are eyes. If your sketch or mold has eyes start with outlining them. Then pipe the pupil (dark) and then cover the pupil with white chocolate to get the eye effect. The eye effect is used on the standing chocolate bunny.
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