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mother's day cakes A Mother's Day Tea Table Gift Cake

PastryWiz Step-by-Step Cake Decorating Instruction:
get ready - teacups - napkins - miniature cakes - teapot  - final

The Table Set - finishing the Teacup

You should now have a flat disc of paste......
Using the small knife cut this disc in two.....
Wet one side of the cup and add one half of the disc to make a handle for the cup.

Great job!
Let's make the tea spoon.

For the teaspoon make another tiny ball of white paste and roll it into a cigar shape.....

Wet the saucer and place the cigar beside the cup....

Using the end of the paint brush make a hollow in the fatter end of the cigar......

This is your cup and saucer with a teaspoon finished.

Next: Make the napkins and the miniature cakes

Great Gifts for Mom!

Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers


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