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  • The Mail Order Catalog Vegetarian food products, featuring soy foods (textured soy, soymilks, soy isolate) and quick-to-cook meat substitutes, and egg and dairy substitutes. Also vegetarian cookbooks, books on vegetarian diet and nutrition, and alternative health titles.
  • Vegetarian Society of Great Britain The Vegetarian Society is a registered charity committed to promoting the health, environmental and animal welfare benefits of a vegetarian diet.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables home of Foodland Ontario Foodland Ontario - the ultimate source for information about seasonal Ontario fruits and vegetables... recipes, factsheets, produce availability - and much more
  • Dixie Diners' Club your low-fat soyfoods headquarters. Soy foods for the rest of us, where you will find "health food that tastes like junk food." your one-stop low-fat soyfoods headquarters.

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