Cake Decorating: Princess & seven Dwarves Cake Decorating Instructions

You will need the following to decorate your own Princess & seven Dwarves Cake :

Decorations used for this cake:

1 princess with 7 dwarves
1 brown bridge
2 large tree
1 medium tree

Cake Decorating Tips:

for piping the top and bottom shell borders

for piping the grass

Airbrush Colors:

You could simply use colored icing or draw onto the cake if you do not have an airbrush system

Blue for the river

Brown for the path

Green for the grass

Colored Icing:

White frosting to ice your entire cake

Green for the grass

Pink for the top and bottom borders

Cake Decorating Instructions & Assembly:

  1. Bake and ice your favorite cake.
  2. Outline the path and the river.
  3. Airbrush the path using brown.
  4. Airbrush the river in blue.
  5. Airbrush the open area using green.
  6. Pipe the grass along the edges of the path and the river using green icing.
  7. Pipe the shell borders using pink icing.
  8. Place decorations on the cake.

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