Food Storage
How long will your favorite food stay fresh?

Want to know how long your favorite food will stay fresh?
Here you will find guidelines on how to store food and what its expected shelve life will be. Please beware that these are guidelines only and that shelve life can vary as it depends on a variety of variables such as the product itself (growing conditions and quality) and proper storage (temperature and packaging). Some foods may deteriorate more quickly or last longer than the times suggested.

Proper Storage:

  • Refrigeration:
    Food is properly refrigerated at a temperature range between 35-40 F or 2-6 C!
  • Freezing:
    Food is properly frozen at a temperature range between -4 and 4 F or -20 and -15 C and needs to be in an air-tight container or zip-lock bag!
  • Dry storage:
    Dry goods should be stored in a cool (approx. 60 F or 15 C), dry and dark storage area (pantry). Open bags should always be transferred into an air-tight container.

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