Vampires: The Occult Truth Vampires: The Occult Truth
by Konstantinos

List Price: $12.95
ASIN: 1567183808

Feeling drained? Perhaps you are the unwitting victim of a psychic vampire. Want to know more? In this his second book, Konstantinos explores the folklore surrounding the blood-drinking vampire and, more importantly, exposes the threat of 20th century vampires which feed on psychic energy. I found this amalgam of stories from the past with Konstantinos' experiences in the present appealing to both the folklorist and the occultist sides of my curiosity. Konstantinos' theories will be considered controversial by many, but I don't feel that they can be summarily dismissed. Order this Book!

The Vampire Encyclopedia The Vampire Encyclopedia
by Matthew Bunson

List Price: $9.99
ASIN: 0517162067

The first A-to-Z compendium on vampires and vampiric lore. In approximately 2,000 entries, from Hades to Hematomania to Lycanthropy and Lugosi, The Vampire Encyclopedia tells readers virtually everything they could possibly want to know about vampires. 28 black-and-white photographs. Order this Book!

Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead
by J. Gordon Melton

List Price: $24.95
ASIN 157859071X

The Encyclopedia of the Undead covers the historical, literary, mythological, biographical and popular aspects of one of the world's most mesmerizing subjects. Here from A-Z are definitions of terms, descriptions of places and biographies of famous vampires (both fictional and allegedly real) the actors who have portrayed them and the authors who have immortalized them. Order this Book!

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