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  • san diego ch national association of catering executives San Diego Chapter of NACE for catering, hotel and convention facilitors. To assist caterers in achieving career success by raising the level of education and professionalism of the catering industry.
  • california avocado commission Official site of the California Avocado Commission. Guacamole and other recipes, nutrition, games, grower information, and more Avocado information than you knew existed. Discover Hass, Bacon, Fuerte, Gwen, Pinkerton, Reed, Zutano.
  • Food Power - consultant consulting for food industry FoodPower specializes in concepting and analyzing restaurant operations and food merchandising, offering expertise in every aspect of surviving in this complex market. We specialize in restaurants,shopping centers, seminars,etc.
  • NexC International The global hospitality village for professionals Job Market, Business & Trade directory and Hospitality Software
  • Nachshon Food Facilities Consultants Nachshon planning and consulting for the food service industry. expertise include the planning of professional kitchens and their accompanying functional areas - cafeterias and serveries, hotels, catering facilities, restaurants, cafes and bars.
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