FAQ & Help area on how to install a font and how to print a recipe.

How to install a Windows TrueType font:
Detailed information can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/typography/ttfinst/ttfinst.htm

The Bloody Font is used on the Halloween Theme pages. Download now!
Bloody Font is 1994 J.Fordyce. All rights reserved.

Printing Problems

Q: How can I print the Banana and Halloween recipes?

This applies to Banana and Halloween pages that use a dark background and a light color text. These recipes will print out as an empty pages.

Fix 1: To change this in Netscape select options on the toolbar, click general preferences, click the color tab and select "Always use my colors, overriding document" Click ok and you should be able to print the recipe.
Fix:2: Press Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C . Open your word processor or editor and press Ctrl-V to past the recipe. You should now be able to print the recipe from your local application.

Ctrl-A : hold down the Ctrl key and press a (select all)
Ctrl-C : hold down the Ctrl key and press c (copy)
Ctrl-V : hold down the Ctrl key and press v (paste)

Fix:3: Print background color and images. To change this setting in Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, and click on the Advanced Tab. Put a check mark next to the "print background color and images" option. Click ok and you should be able to print the recipes.

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