Categories: Low-fat, Appetizers
      Yield: 12 servings
      3 tb Lemon juice
      2 ts Dried whole tarragon
      1    Small clove garlic, minced
     23    Medium-sized fresh shrimp,
           -peeled and deveined (1/2lb)
     24    Sliced fresh mushroom (1/2-
           -inch-thick) (about 1 lb)
      1 tb Water
      1 tb Chopped fresh parsley
  1 1/2 ts Dijon mustard
    1/8 ts Pepper
  Combine first 3 ingredients; stir well.  combine half of lemon juice
  mixture and shrimp in a 9-inch glass pieplate; toss well.  Cover and
  marinate in refrigerator 1 hour, stirring occastionally.  Combine
  mushroom slices and remaining lemon juice mixture; toss well.  Cover
  and set mixture aside. Arrange shrimp spoke-fashion in a single layer
  with yhickest portion toward outside of pieplate.  Cover with
  heavy-duty plastic wrap and vent. Microwave at HIGH 2 minutes to 2
  minutes 20 seconds or until shrimp is done, rearrange shrimp and
  rotating pieplate a halfturn after a minute. Drain shrimp and reserve
  marinade.  Add water and next 4 ingredients to reserved marinade,
  stirring with whisk.  Add shrimp; toss well. Thread 1 mushroom slice
  and 1 shrimp onto each of 24 wooden picks.  Yeild 24 appetizers
  (about 15 calories each).

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