Categories: Appetizers, Flowers, Vegetarian
      Yield: 10 servings
      1 lb Ricotta cheese
      1    Onion; minced
    1/2 c  Toasted almonds or pine nuts
           -(finely chopped)
    1/2 c  Grated Italian Asiago cheese
           -OR- Parmesan cheese
    1/2 ts Ground pepper
      1 ts Seasoning salt
      2 tb Minced fresh basil; -=OR=-
      1 ts -Dried basil
      2 tb Minced parsley
      1 ts Butter; melted
     20 md Zucchini flowers, or more
           -OR- any squash flowers,
           -Freshly picked and
           -rinsed in cold water
           Nasturtiums for garnish
  Mix together all ingredients except butter and flowers.  With filling
  at room temperature, use a pastry tube to carefully stuff flowers; do
  not overfill. Drizzle melted butter over flowers and cook in
  microwave on medium power for 3 minutes, or at 350 F in regular oven
  for about 15 minutes.  Be careful not to let filling ooze out of
  flowers. Garnish with nasturtiums stuffed with extra filling.

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