Roast Rack of Venison w/Creole Mustard

3 1/2 lb Venison rack; or 2 sm Racks; french, trim
4 oz Creole mustard
4 oz Fig preserves
1 lb Fresh bread crumbs
3 Cl garlic; crush
3 oz Olive oil
3 oz Parsley; chop
1 oz Olive oil
Cracked pepper and salt

Season rack with salt and pepper. Place in roasting pan and sear. Remove, cool and set pan aside. Mix mustard and preserves. Rub meat down with mixture. Take crumbs, season with salt and pepper, garlic, parsley, olive oil and mix. Taste for proper seasoning and pack this on the fig and mustard loin. Roast at 350~ until medium rare (125~ internal temp) for 30 minutes. IMPORTANT-Do not overcook. This must be served medium rare or rare. Let rest.
Source: Chef Jamie Shannon, Commander's Palace

Venison can be substituted with any red meat or you can purchase some right here!

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