Categories: Vegetables, Fish
      Yield: 1 Servings
      3 lg Idaho Potatoes, peeled and
      2 tb Corn starch
      2    Whole eggs
      4    Egg whites
    1/4 c  Heavy cream
           -Salt and pepper to taste
      1 tb Lemon juice
    1/4 c  Creme fraiche or sour
      6 lg Slices of smoked salmon
      1    4- ounce jar of osetra
           -caviar (optional)
           -dill sprigs for garnish
  Cook three large, peeled and diced potatoes in salted water When
  cooked, pass potatoes through a food mill or sieve with fine holes.
  Place puree in electric mixer with a paddle attachment. Add corn
  starch to mix thoroughly. Slowly incorporate eggs and egg whites,
  then heavy cream. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Meanwhile, in
  a small bowl, stir the lemon juice into the creme fraiche. Set aside.
  Preheat non-stick skillet over medium heat. Spoon the pancake mixture
  into skillet, keeping a round shape (s ilver dollar size). Cook for
  90 seconds, then turn and cook until done. Place pancakes on plate
  and serve with one slice of smoked salmon, one tablespoon of the
  reserved creme fraiche mixture and a heaping teaspoon of caviar.
  Garnish with dill and serve.
  (Makes 6 appetizer servings)
  From the files of Al Rice, North Pole Alaska.    Feb 1994

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