Title: Low-Fat Fruit and Cheese on Rye Bread
 Categories: Low-fat, Fruits, Dkuhnen msn
      Yield: 4 Servings
      8    Slices rye bread

      1 bn Watercress, trimmed
      1    Orange
      1 c  Low-fat cottage cheese,
      2 T  Plain Low-fat yogurt
    1/2 c  Dates, chopped
      2 T  Chopped walnuts

      1    Orange, peeled and sectioned
           Lettuce leaves
           Tomato wedges
  Reserve 8 of the best watercress sprigs for garnish, then chop the
  remainder.  Peel, section, and chop the orange.  Mix together the
  cheese, yogurt, dates, chopped watercress, and orange.  If you are
  serving the sandwiches right away, stir in the walnuts.  If not, add
  them just before serving.  Divide the mixture among the bread slices,
  and garnish each one with a watercress sprig and an orange section.
  Serve, if you wish, with lettuce leaves and tomato wedges. Source:
  "Low Fat Cooking", by Pamela Westland.

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