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      Yield: 25 servings
      3 c  Flour
    1/2 ts Salt
      4 tb Melted butter
    1/2 c  Yogurt
    1/4 c  Water

      3 tb Butter
      1 md Onion, finely chop chopped
      1    Tart green apple, cored and
           -finely chopped
      1    Clove garlic, minced
      2 ts Ground cumin
      1 ts Turmeric
    1/2 ts Coriander
  1 1/2 ts Salt
    1/8 ts Ground black pepper
    1/4 ts Crushed dried red peppers
      1 lb Potatoes, peeled, cooked
           -and riced
    1/2 c  Fresh peas (or thawed
           -frozen), cooked
      3    To 4 tablespoons yogurt
           Vegetable oil
  Pastry:  Sift flour and salt into bowl.  Stir in melted butter, then
  yogurt, then water.  Stir together until blended.  Dough will appear
  dry and lumpy.  Roll dough on pastry board and cut into 2 to 3-inch
  circles . Filling:  In a large frying pan, melt butter over moderate
  Add onion, apple and garlic and saute until just tender.  Add the
  spices, the salt, and the black and red peppers, and saute, stirring
  for 5 minutes. Stir in potatoes and peas.  Adjust seasoning.  Add
  yogurt. Chill.
  Assembly:  Place 1 tablespoon chilled filling on dough circle.  Fold
  over to form a semicircle.  Moisten edges with a little water and
  pinch to seal. Repeat rolling and filling.
  Place 2 cups vegetable oil in large frying pan or wok and heat over
  high heat.  Fry pastries 4 or 5 at a time, turning once, until they
  turn a deep golden brown.  Drain on paper tow towels.  Serve hot.
  Makes 25 to 30 past pastries.
  Adapted from "Ethnic Cuisine " by Elizabeth Rozin.
  From the San Francisco Chronicle, 8/18/88.
  Posted by Stephen Ceideburg

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