Title: Grilled Emu Fillet with Riberry Sauce
 Categories: Emu, Australian, Main dish
      Yield: 4 Servings
----------------SOURCE: AUSTRALIAN GOURMET T---------------------
    600 ea Emu fillets
      2 ts Cardamom pods
      1 tb Ground coriander
    1/2 ts Five-berry mixture or mixed
           -pink and green peppercorns,
      3 ea Cloves of garlic
     80 ea (1/3 cup) raspberry vinegar
    750 ea (3 cups) good beef stock
    1/2 ts Mustard seed oil
    150 ea Riberries (available frozen
           -from specialty food stores
           -stocking Bush
           Tucker products)
  Trim any sinew or "silver" skin from fillets.  Using a mortar and
  pestle, pound cardamom pods to release seeds; discard pods.  Add
  coriander, berry mixture, garlic and vinegar and pound to a paste.
  Spread over fillets, cover and stand at room temperature for 1-2
  hours. Reduce beef stock by boiling to about 375ml (1 1/2 cups). Keep
  warm. Brush a cast-iron grill pan (with removable or ovenproof
  handle) with mustard seed oil and heat on top of the stove until very
  hot. Cook fillets for 1 minute on each side. Transfer pan to a 220C
  oven and bake for 5 minutes - no longer. Remove pan from oven,
  transfer fillets to a warm plate and stand for 5 minutes, Add the
  thawed riberries to reduced stock and bring to the boil. Serve meat
  sliced thinly on the diagonal, with sauce spooned over. Note 1:
  Five-berry mixture is black, white, pink, Jamaica and green
  peppercorns, with coriander seeds, and is sold as such.  Note 2: A
  range of products is available by mail order from Bush Tucker Supply
  Australia, PO Box B103, Boronia Park, NSW 2111, (02) 817 1060, fax
  (02) 817 3587.
  Submitted By SHERREE JOHANSSON   On   09-01-94

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