Categories: Salads, Low-fat
      Yield: 4 Servings
      1    Romaine lettuce; or iceberg
      1    Red pepper; seeded & diced
      4    Eggs; hard boiled; peeled
           -cut in wedges
      4    Tomatoes; sliced
      2 ts Capers
     16    Olives, black
      4 sl Whole wheat bread; thinly
      2    Garlic cloves
      1 tb Olive oil

----------------------FOR THE DRESSING---------------------------
      1 tb Olive oil
      2 ts White wine vinegar
      1 tb Parsley; fresh chopped
      1 ts Tarragon, dried
           -salt & black pepper
  "This substantial peasant dish from Syria is a rich source of protein
  and fiber."
  Prepare all the salad ingredients and place in a bowl.Toast the whole
  wheat bread and rub with cut cloves of garlic. Lightly sprinkle with
  oil. Break into small pieces. Put the dressing ingredients together
  in a screw-top jar and mix by shaking well. Toss the garlic toast and
  dressing into the salad.
  NUTRIENTS PER PORTION: Protein: 11 g Fiber: 6 g Polyunsaturated fat:
  2 g Saturated fat: 3 g Vitamins A, B1, B2,B12,C, D, E, FA Minerals:
  Fe, Mg, Zn Calories: 235
  SERVES: 4 SOURCE: _Vegetarian Cooking_ by Sarah Brown posted, not
  tested by Anne MacLellan

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