Title: Egg 'N Cheese Dog
 Categories: Breakfast, Kids, Dkuhnen msn
      Yield: 1 servings
      2    Strips of Bacon
      2    Eggs
           Salt and Pepper to taste
  1 1/2 oz (42g) Cheddar cheese, cubed
      1    Hotdog bun
  Cook bacon to desired crispness.  Drain on paper towel.  Beat eggs and
  season with salt and pepper.  Cook in a lightly oiled, heated skillet
  over medium heat.  Move cooked portions of egg towards the center and
  allow uncooked egg to run to the edges of the pan.  When eggs are
  almost cooked on top, slide omelette onto a plate.  Place cheese
  cubes in a line close to one end.  Roll up, starting at end with
  cheese.  Place bacon strips and rolled omelette on hotdog bun.  Add a
  squirt of ketchup. Source:  Good Starts, Egg Recipes for Breakfast
  and Brunch...The Canadian Egg Marketing Agency.

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