Categories: Gourmet, Poultry
Yield: 6 Servings

1/4 c Olive oil
1 lb Domestic and/or wild mushroo
6 Shallots; chopped
2 Garlic cloves; chopped
2 Carrots; chopped
5 tb Parsley; chopped
1 c White wine
1 c Port wine
1 c Cream
Salt, pepper, thyme; to tast
1/2 c Bread crumbs
6 Chicken thighs boneless with skin pounded flat
8 oz Gouda cheese cut into 6 pieces
2 tb Olive oil
2 tb Butter

Saute mushrooms in olive oil. When liquid evaporates, add shallots, garlic, carrots, and parsley. Cook 5 minutes. Add wine, port, cream and reduce by half. Taste for seasoning and stir in bread crumbs. Cool. Divide mixture and place unto thighs, top with gouda and roll up. Secure with string. Heat olive oil and butter and brown tops of thighs, in oven-safe skillet. Place in oven and roast, uncovered at 400-degrees for 18 minutes or until meat is done.

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