Apple Bread Pudding

Yield: 8 Servings

2 ea Red cooking apples
2 tb Butter or margarine
6 ea Slices day old bread
3 tb Raisins
1/4 c Walnuts, chopped
4 eggs
2/3 c Sugar
1 1/2 c Light cream
1 c Sweet apple cider
1 1/2 ts Ground cinnamon
1/2 ts Ground nutmeg

Wash and core apples; peel if desired. Slice apples crosswise into 1/4" rounds, cut each round in half. Spread butter or margarine evenly over one side of each bread piece. Cut each slice diagonally into 4 pieces. Position 8 bread quarters in bottom of steamer bowl.
Arrange one third of the apple pieces on bread. Repeat with two more layers. Prior to final apple layer, sprinkle raisins and walnuts over surface. Then arrange remaining apple pieces in a d ecorative pinwheel pattern. Place any remaining apple pieces along the sides of the bowl.
In a small bowl, beat together eggs and sugar. Add cream and apple cider, whisk to blend. Stir in cinnamon and nutmeg. Immediately pour over top of bread mixture. Cover steamer bowl with aluminum foil (necessary to prevent water condensation from dripping into pudding). Steam in steamer for 70 minutes, or until a knife inserted into center comes out clean. Allow to stand 5-10 minutes before serving. Serve warm or at room temperature.
Garnish with vanilla ice cream or a whipped topping, if desired.

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