Title: Potato Casserole (M_c-Tx)
 Categories: Vegetables, Side dish, Casseroles
      Yield: 10 Servings
      1 pk (approximately 2 pounds)
           -frozen hash brown potatoes
    1/2 c  Margarine
      1 ts Salt
    1/4 ts Pepper
    1/2 c  Chopped onion
      2 c  Sour cream
     10 oz Can cream of chicken soup
      2 c  Grated cheddar cheese
      2 c  Crushed cornflakes
    1/4 c  Melted margarine
  Thaw potatoes.  Combine margarine, salt, pepper, onion, sour cream,
  soup and cheese.  Blend together with potatoes. Pour into 3 quart
  casserole dish or two 1 1/2 quart dishes.  Mix cornflakes and
  margarine together and sprinkle over potato mixture.  Bake at 350 for
  45 minutes. This casserole may be baked and frozen, then reheated to

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