Making Greek Balsamic Vinegar

Greek Oregano
Winter Savory

Well, it's simple and unmeasured.

I decide how much vinegar I want to steep, and choose a wide-mouthed jar of that size. I fill this jar with roughly equal amounts of fresh Greek oregano (a very strong, hot variety...beware as some fresh oregano is insipid), mint (for this, I like a coarse, strong spearmint), and winter savory (stronger flavored than summer savory).
I generally try to bruise the leaves a bit. I pour the vinegar over the herbs, put a layer of waxed paper and a couple of layers of plastic wrap over the mouth of the bottle (to help retard the inevitable corrosion of the
metal cap) and then screw on the jar lid.
I place the jar either on a sunny windowsill or on the deck for a few weeks, and then strain the vinegar through a coffee filter and return it to the original vinegar bottle (which usually has a more corrosion-resistant lid). I don't like to leave any herbs in the vinegar, and don't like to add any for decoration, either, because they tend to add a funky taste that I don't care for if they sit long enough.
Source: Deb

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